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BIO: Marc Andre J. Fortier

Marc-André J. Fortier sculptorBorn in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 19, 1961. Marc-­Andre Fortier is an extremely unique and multi-­talented artist with a charismatic and most expressive personality.

Descriptive words that capture his persona include: analytical, visual, colorful, dapper, beautiful, explosive, witty, funny, energetic, athletic, probing, steadfast, committed, unrelenting, dedicated, loyal, caring, and generous… What is perhaps most admirable about his work, is the multi-­dimensional process he employs to reach his beautifully crafted masterpieces – at the heart of his work, frequently, is a paradox or subliminal message of some kind, which is developed mentally and then visually to communicate a final alluring, entrancing and arresting result that leaves you with a feeling of extreme delight each time you look at the piece.

His works are available to all in the diverse formats of bronze sculptures, paintings and prints.

We are most fortunate to be able to count Marc-­‐Andre Fortier as one of our most talented artists in North America today.

Jacqueline Vanden Baar



Marc-André J. Fortier ArtistFaced with chaos, over-consumption and uncertainty within modern society, Marc A. J. Fortier questions the actors that we are with irony and occasional sarcasm. For him, all the elements of our world, be they living or inanimate, are animated by the same life and are confronted in an apparently irrational order: faces are human and robotic at the same time while objects are as much inanimate as they are animated. The Art of Marc A. J. Fortier takes place in the realm of reality and the mundane by affirming the durability and permanency of human attitudes: snobbery and elitism, envy and pride, boredom, untruthfulness and solitude.

Our Social and intellectual structure operates as though there were no place for such a statement. This statement was, however, the reason behind my initial attraction to Fortier’s work. Not because he rattles or confronts our modern realities by instilling the fear of regression to earlier states or different states, to say the least; rather, he trains our eyes onto these realities. His iconography, combined to a craft resting solely on knowledge and an exacting mastery of pictorial and sculptural techniques, seems to ignore the impact of the formal concepts which are the foundations of modern art, thus rendering this work even more suspicious.

Fortier’s work is not limited to the matter alone: the support behind the work, being canvas, earth or wood is also questioned. Marc A. J. Fortier dislocates the frame and the matter, taking it apart before making it his. He then rebuilds an asymmetrical frame for each painting, hence parting with the stability and apparent immutability of their support. Disassembling the frame only reinforces the ironic questioning of our attitudes by Marc A. J. Fortier’s works, acting as a metaphor of reality. Nothing is so perfect as to escape distortion and prevarication: the events in everyday life move to the rhythm of their actors and so does the support and the framework for them. Fortier’s approach forces us to reflect on gestures, their presentation and their appearance.

B. ès arts- M.A. muséologie- Ph. D. muséologie, éducation

@ 2015 Marc-André J. Fortier - Design & programmation : Malem
@ 2015 Marc-André J. Fortier
Design & programmation : Malem